Creating truly divine cannoli is a labour of love. From the individually hand-rolled crispy cannoli shells, to the sweet pillows of delicate gourmet ricotta that fills every bite – our cannoli have been crafted to lift you to another place.

Oreo Cannoli - Limited Time Only

Introducing our latest indulgence: Oreo Cannoli! 🌟

Dive into a world of creamy delight, made with a milk choc coated and Oreo infused Cannoli shell, filled with our signature ricotta filling and Oreo pieces.


Our pistachio cannoli are made with in-house made REAL pistachio paste (no artificial flavourings), and finished with crushed pistachios.

Vanilla Custard

Smooth, creamy vanilla custard with the perfect amount of richness and sweetness without being overpowering, made in the classic Italian way with real vanilla.


Inspired by a CLASSIC Italian dessert, Tiramisu brings two delicious sweets together – Tiramisu and cannoli! It’s filled with rich, creamy ricotta and mascarpone, then mixed with a generous serving of marsala and espresso-soaked Savoiardi ladyfinger biscuits. Dipped in a crushed ladyfinger biscuit dust and finished with a light dusting of icing sugar and cocoa powder – this truly is an Tiramisu treat.

Original Ricotta (Sweet)

Sweet, creamy, high-quality ricotta mixed with a dash of vanilla bean.

Ferrero Hazelnut

Inspired by the beloved chocolate treat, Ferrero Hazelnut is filled with luscious pillowy ricotta, Nutella and roasted hazelnuts. Dipped in a crushed biscuit dust and finished with a whole hazelnut – this is the ultimate chocolate lover’s dream.

Lemon Cheesecake

The perfect combination of creamy, high-quality ricotta, soft cream cheese (with a hint of lemon) finished with a glace cherry.

Cannoli Chips & Ricotta Dip

Packed full of icing sugar coated “chips” (made from our cannoli shells) and our classic ricotta filling as a side dip, our cannoli chips are the ultimate shareable dessert.


Got an event coming up? Transform your function into something really special with a delicious selection of cannoli.


These cannoli’s are by a long way THE BEST looks and taste and they are not expensive. Ordering is super easy and Luke was flexible in delivery. You can see and taste the special effort in each and every cannoli, they’re amazing! I will be ordering these to make myself look good to take to every special occasion. Thanks Luke, so happy!

Rach C

Amazing service and Cannoli- everyone’s favorite dessert on the night! High recommend 😊

Ali K

WOW !! That’s what was said every time a Divine Cannoli was offered at our daughters Engagement party 🎉
From the first Crunch of that amazing shell to the creamy fillings…they didn’t last long ☺️
Thanks to Luke for delivering to our door 🙏. I can highly recommend Divine Cannoli for your next function, you won’t be disappointed 👌

Dee C

Had them for a function and everyone loved them, first to go of the sweets, so yummy, and the best service.

Angela A

We used Divine Cannoli for a large Italian themed event and they were perfect, tasted authentic & the customer service was top notch ! Definitely using them again

Milly B

Absolutely loved these cannoli delivered super fresh by Luke. The filling was delicious! Can’t wait to order more.

Matthew B

We used Divine Cannoli for an event on the weekend and all guests had something amazing to say about each flavour! They were a huge hit, highly recommend Divine Cannoli for any upcoming events you may have. I have now re-ordered for Christmas!!

Alana J

Ordered a cannoli tower for our work function and it was a huge hit! Ordering process and delivery was seamless but above all, they were delicious.

Janet L

The best cannoli in Perth by a long shot!
Luke catered for our baby shower, our guests devoured them but lucky there were a couple left over to enjoy later that night. The ordering process was quick and easy, and Luke delivered them, making it so easy for us.
I have no hesitation in recommending Divine Cannoli for your next event and even when you’re just craving some cannoli! Thanks Luke ?

Loretta M

Best Cannoli i have ever had! My only issue was that I didn’t order enough. Will definitely be making another order soon. The Cannoli were amazing and the service just as good. Delivered to my door! Would 100% recommend!

Mitchell C

Absolutely delicious!! Ordered for my mums 80th . Everyone loved them . The cannoli were super tasty, crunchy and the fillings were divine.
Was so easy to order and delivery made it so convenient. Will definitely be ordering again .

Sanja Z

Best cannoli we’ve had in Perth! Ordered a cannoli tower for my daughter’s 18th birthday and everyone loved it! All flavours are delicious and not too sweet. You wouldn’t want to share your cannoli with anyone because it is that good! So be sure to order enough for everyone at your party ?. Highly recommended!

Suzareen M T

Wow so i ordered these cannolis for a work function and they were a hit, everyone loved them so much they were gone within minutes. I have to say though my personal favourite out of the 4 (yes i had 1 of each dont judge me) flavours was the Ferrero Rocher cannoli it was Fantastic!! highly recomend these cannolis

Aldo F

Super moreish! The cannoli shell has been honed to perfection and holds its crispy texture which makes it the perfect vessel for the range of different, but equally tasty and smooth filling options with just the right amount of sweetness. Will certainly be ordering again.

Alvin B

Divine Cannoli, it’s says it all in the name!
Crispy, Crunchy cannolis with amazing ricotta filling packed all the way through. They aren’t too sweet which I love, but definitely hit the spot when you’ve got a craving. These would be stunning as a cannoli tower at an event for something tasty and original.
Absolutely delicious!

Holly M

These are amazing! They are so delicious and beautiful to look at. They also come neatly packaged, it makes such a lovely gift or dessert contribution for a dinner party.

Simrith W

These cannoli were crazy good!! Being Italian I must have tried 100s of cannoli in my life and I can honestly say these are my absolute favorite! ? That beautiful crispy shell and that delicious ricotta are a perfect mix – the lemon cheesecake one is a must!! ?

Laura S

Luke’s cannolis were made fresh and looked amazing. Great price too. We ordered 20 for a baby shower and everyone was really impressed. The creamy filling was delicious and the pastry was divine. Strongly recommend ordering these treats for any event!

Erin S

Absolutely? these C A N N O L I S by Divine Cannoli. The shells were crispy and stayed crispy for over 8 hours and the fillings were just amazing. Ft ? Original Ricotta, ?Lemon Cheesecake and ??Chocolate Jaffle which were all out of this world ?. Super affordable too at $4 a cannoli with a min order of 6 plus delivery. So good I’m seeing if these guys will wholesale. Get on it foodies!

Foodie Cravings

Luke’s cannoli have the perfect amount of crunch, come in delicious flavours, and look beautiful! They’re definitely our new go-to dessert to share with friends and family ?

Yanqi Q

I’ve had the pleasure to buy Luke’s wonderful Divine Cannoli for my family get together and what a treat they were! Being Italian we’re quite picky with our food let alone desserts but we all really enjoyed them! Thank you Luke
We’ll def buy them again

Matteo F

Delicious and authentic ricotta cannoli. Best I’ve had in Perth.

Chelsea S

Hands down the best cannoli I’ve ever had. Crunchy outer shell with a delicious ricotta filling – every time. The presentation is second to none and Luke, the creator of these masterpieces, is an absolute delight to deal with. Highly recommend!

Jono D S

I’d never usually pick cannoli unless I knew they were the absolute best and these cannoli are amazing!!
The actual pastry is so perfect with the right amount of crumble and crunch. Not heavy or too sweet the way a lot I have tried seem to be.
Very happy customer here?

Karina S

I ordered a dozen of these amazing Cannoli and they are Sensational, the pastry is light and crunchy the ricotta filling is smooth and so tasty, then the chocolate surrounds with the nuts just take these cannoli to the next level.
Highly recommended these Cannoli

Piero F

The BEST cannoli! Gorgeously presently, perfectly crunchy shell and delicious sweet fillings. Luke is professional and friendly to work with, highly recommend 10/10 ✨

Alana K G

Yaaaas Cannoli ? We were lucky enough to trial some cannoli from @divine_cannoli today. Crispy shells with delicious fillings ?? Traditional ricotta, lemon cheesecake and choc Jaffa ? You can now order through their website ??

Perth Foodie Jess

The most beautiful and fresh cannoli!! Highly recommend to anyone and everyone. You can taste all the time and effort that has been put into making these the best cannolis?

Lee M

I ordered a dozen of these beautiful Cannoli ? and they are amazing, the pastry is crunchy the ricotta was so tasty combínate with their other flavours.
Definitely I recommended these Cannoli 10 to 10

Jennifer G

Best cannoli I’ve ever had. You knocked it out of the park, I put away 8 last night! The missus agreed with the best cannoli ever as well.


The cannoli were absolutely amazing!! Soooo good! Everyone loved it! The pastry was wonderful!


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